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Portraits in an ongoing series. Here’s a little sneak peak. Because we love you. And these faces make us very happy. So does Man Cheung.


Taking a departure from his usual portraits, Man Cheung has started a personal series on botanicals. Just in time for Easter, enjoy between chocolate binges. Isn’t nature something else!   

He’s back! (and only marginally disappointed with the Pad Thai)

For those of you who have been missing some Cheung in your life, rest easy. He is back from his travels and doing ACTUAL WORK again. Here’s one for you to look at. Taken in Trat Thailand on route to Koh Chang Island. Don’t panic, we’ll show you more later.

Mr Brother the Devil.

There is a film currently playing in NYC called ‘My Brother the Devil’ and it was written and directed by a friend to TPD, Sally El-Hosaini. You can see a great interview with Sally and one of the stars, James Floyd, here, and like the FB page to see where it’s on. Completely by chance James was the face for last years B.F.I ad campaign which was  shot by Man Cheung. Here is a personal shot Man took of James behind the scenes. It’s a great film, we are all incredibly proud of Sally and if you can find it playing, please…