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As Jonathan prepares to head back to Iceland to shoot his second STREAMS series (we’ll keep you posted), we find ourselves going through the archive of his most recent visit. Don’t be like that, there was a lot of it. We’ll probably be sharing it for the next 12 months! It’s beautiful and at times other worldly. It’s as though Game Of Thrones is real and this is beyond the wall… *ah, Jon Snow*.


Jonathan Smith’s first solo show, Streams, is truly beautiful. We were incredibly lucky to get an early peak. It’s on through May and if you don’t go you’ve no-one else to blame but yourselves. Because we told you it was at The Curator Gallery in New York City.

Santa. No-where to be seen.

Just Jonathan Smith shooting some of the most beautiful landscape on Earth. Normally, I would think saying, ‘on Earth’ is a gross overstatement. And if someone said it I would roll my eyes in annoyance. This is not one of those times. Jonathan is coming home to NYC in less than a week. We cannot wait to see the film. Iceland, you are one beautiful piece of the world.

Mr Smith prepares for snow. Lots and lots of snow.

It is literally the final countdown for Iceland. To those lovely folks who got involved in Jon’s kickstarter, a big wet thank you! We’ll be keeping you posted on his progress with sneaky behind the scenes stuff over the next 4 weeks. As of Monday however we will be back to regular scheduling. Have a great weekend!

Let’s all go to Iceland!

Well, not all of us. It’s way too cold. But you can be there in spirit via Jonathan Smith. Our lovely and talented photographer has been accepted for a Residency program this winter in Iceland to create a new photographic body of work for an exhibition in NYC. It will be a not entirely safe trip, beautifully (we’re certain) captured on film. Yes kids, film. Long exposures on 5 x 4 sheet film. By himself. It’s insanity. But will be so epic. Jon explains it way better here though. Here’s one of his from a previous visit to Iceland.

Jonathan Smith + Americana = Oh. Yes.

This has us yearning for all kinds of Mustang, top down, highway 1 action. Ladies and Gentleman, in honour of the sun being out for 3 straight days here in London,  we give you ‘outside’ (courtesy of Jonathan Smith and California).  

Jonathan Smith shoots the night…

Over at TPD there’s a lot going on. We’re *minutes away from opening the office in NYC (HOLY HELL!) and *hours away from launching the new website, so it’s fair to say we’ve lost a lot of time looking at lovely work. Thanks to this lost time though, we realised there was some amazing things we had never shared! So over the next few days we’ll be posting a lot of beautiful images. Because we love you guys. First up some city shots from Jonathan Smith. Quite possibly the nicest man in Brooklyn. *may not be accurate depiction of real…

Smithsonian Magazine loves them some Jonathan Smith

To be honest, we love us some Jonathan Smith too. Being referred to as a ‘shooting star’ by Joel Meyerowitz, we think, is quite a big deal. In an article written for the Smithsonian Magazine titled ‘The New Stars of Photography’ Jonathan has been featured along with 12 other emerging photographers. We are like a proud pack of bears over here at TPD. See: The Smithsonian Magazine

We are all very excited to welcome Jonathan Smith to TPD family

We had the privilege of a private viewing for his first solo show titled Untold Stories at the Rick Wester Fine Art Gallery, NYC, in September 2010 and have been curiously watching him for the past year. Jonathan Smith studied in the United Kingdom at the Kent Institute of Design and the International Center for Photography in New York. He has exhibited internationally and has been the recipient of a number of awards, including The Hearst Biennial Award, The Magenta Foundation, Flash Forward Award, the PDN Annual Awards and the Photography Book Now Blurb Award. His work has appeared numerous…